Case Study: The Body Shop Transforms Art with Viewit3D and Motion Displays

In a groundbreaking initiative to merge art, technology, and sustainability, The Body Shop embarked on a visionary project to revolutionize the retail experience through Viewit3D and Motion Displays. With a commitment to promoting environmental consciousness and supporting local artists, The Body Shop organized an artist competition centered around the theme of recycling materials.

Project Overview:

  • Client: The Body Shop
  • Duration: 8 Months
  • Solution Providers: Motion Displays, Viewit3D

Project Scope:

The Body Shop aimed to harness the power of art to raise awareness about recycling and sustainability while providing customers with a unique and immersive retail experience. To achieve this, the company launched an artist competition inviting participants to create original artworks using recycled materials.


Partnering with Motion Displays and leveraging the capabilities of Viewit3D, The Body Shop set out to transform the winning artworks into dynamic augmented reality (AR) animations. Motion Displays collaborated closely with the artists to reproduce the main characters of each artwork and bring them to life through captivating animations.

Utilizing image recognition technology, The Body Shop integrated AR animations into the physical artworks displayed in-store. Customers could simply scan the original art pieces using their smartphones or tablets, triggering the augmented reality experience and unlocking a world of interactive storytelling and sustainability messages.

Key Features:

  • Artistic Expression: The artist competition provided a platform for creative expression and highlighted the importance of recycling and sustainability through art.
  • Interactive Experience: Image recognition technology enabled customers to engage with the artworks in-store, triggering AR animations that conveyed powerful messages about environmental conservation.
  • Local Community Engagement: The competition fostered collaboration with local artists and encouraged community involvement in promoting sustainable practices.


The integration of Viewit3D, Motion Displays, and image recognition technology yielded remarkable results for The Body Shop:

  • Engaging Customer Experience: The AR animations captivated customers and provided them with a unique and memorable retail experience.
  • Promotion of Sustainability: The interactive artworks served as a powerful vehicle for raising awareness about recycling and environmental conservation.
  • Community Collaboration: The artist competition fostered partnerships with local artists and strengthened ties with the community, positioning The Body Shop as a champion of sustainability and creativity.

Future Plans:

Encouraged by the success of the initiative, The Body Shop plans to expand its use of Viewit3D and Motion Displays to incorporate AR experiences into future art exhibitions and retail campaigns. The company remains committed to leveraging technology to drive positive change and promote sustainable practices.

In conclusion, The Body Shop’s innovative use of Viewit3D and Motion Displays to create augmented reality animations from real art pieces exemplifies the intersection of art, technology, and sustainability. Through this groundbreaking project, The Body Shop continues to inspire and engage customers while championing environmental stewardship and community collaboration.

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